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The CHIMES chemistry module tracks the time-dependent non-equilibrium evolution of up to 157 ions and molecules. The resulting chemical abundances are then used to calculate the radiative cooling and heating rates of the gas. This module can be incorporated into existing hydrodynamics codes to follow the non-equilibrium chemistry and cooling of the gas on-the-fly within cosmological simulations of galaxy formation. It can also be built as a stand-alone library that can used, for example, from a Python script. We include an example Python script that can be used to run the CHIMES module on various idealised set ups.

The CHIMES source code, data files and python scripts can be found on the Download page.

The Documentation page includes a User Guide for building and running CHIMES.

The details of the CHIMES model are described in Richings et al. (2014a) and Richings et al. (2014b).

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